Sustainability Management

Seah L&S aspires to provide the next generation with a better environment and society through sustainable management. We began our path toward a better future with the hope that human life would become exceptionally advanced.

Ethical Management

Seah's ethical management goes beyond simply adhering to legal duties and refraining from criminal behavior. Seah’s executives and employees will complete their tasks responsibly, adhere to the fundamentals and principles, and fulfill their social obligations to grow the firm alongside clients, partners, and stockholders.

Ethics Charter

Based on our ethical corporate culture adhering to fundamentals and values, Seah supports the liberal market economic order that fosters fair and transparent competition and complies with all laws and regulations. We intend to create tremendous value out of this and collaborate with our stakeholders to become "a company that makes the world better."

Charter on Human Rights Management

Seah upholds national and regional rules and regulations and also supports international human rights principles and regulations, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guideline for Multinational Enterprise, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the International Labor Organization's Fundamental Conventions. To put this support into action, Seah shall establish and execute human rights management policies, including those for internal and external communication, grievance procedures, and remedy applications. The Charter is implemented at all of Seah Group's Korean and international offices and business sites. We thus declare this Human Rights Management Charter to be the company's common understanding and practice.

  • Protect personal information

  • Protect customer’s human rights

  • Prohibit forced labor

  • Respect lawful work hours and labor conditions

  • Establish a structure for human rights management

  • Protect environmental rights

  • Prohibit employment discrimination

  • Prevent workplace bullying and abuse of power

  • Manage the supply chains with responsibility

  • Guarantee industrial safety

  • Prohibit child labor

  • Guarantee the freedom of association and collective bargaining

  • Protect the human rights of local residents

Download the Human Rights
Management Charter

Environmental Management

Seah L&S views the environment as an important aspect of corporate activities and will implement the following measures in order to be the leading eco-friendly corporation:

· Environmental regulations shall be followed by all executives, including the CEO.

· The company will produce and administer work process manuals for environmental and safety accident prevention training, process control, and compliance with environmental requirements.

· Through the development of the ideal environment management technique (integrated management), the company will safeguard the environment by decreasing pollutants.

· The company will regulate environmental pollutant emissions by monitoring its facilities on a daily, regular, and frequent basis.

· The company will establish targets of investment for facility upgrades and environmental quality improvement and will implement strategies to meet those goals.

Environmental Management
System (ISO 14001)

Seah L&S builds an EMS, improves environmental facilities based on an environmental management structure to realize ESG management, and implements innovative environmental technology to reduce pollutant emissions and actively fulfill environmental regulations and obligations. The company establishes and operates a systematic and efficient audit process.

Environmental Management Strategies