Logistics Services

Our client-oriented solutions, integrated service infrastructure, and efficient transportation strategies ensure that we provide our clients with a wide range of custom cargo services for fast and secure shipping, transportation, and storage.


Decades of Experience in Heavy Bulk Cargo Transportation

We provide fast, reliable solutions built upon decades of experience in the transportation of heavy cargo such as shipping containers, production plant equipment, and steel materials such as pipes, hot-rolled coils, and plates.


Integrated Service Infrastructure

Our integrated service infrastructure ensures that we can satisfy our clients by providing whatever solutions they might need,
be it the transportation of raw materials or the shipping and delivery of finished products.


An Extensive Logistics Network

Our extensive logistics network operates out of 14 facilities nationwide, including branch offices, sales departments, and distribution centers.

Our Logistics Services

  • Road Transportation

    We provide optimal fast, secure, and accurate transportation solutions that are custom tailored for each client's unique needs and shipments. Our services include the transportation of bulk cargo and shipping containers, as well as a number of other services such as freight brokerage.

  • Maritime Transportation

    As a freight brokerage firm that specializes in bulk cargo and shipping containers, our maritime transportation services provide clients with a one-stop solution for the loading, unloading, transportation, and customs clearance of imports and exports.

  • Rail Transportation

    Our one-stop transportation solution integrates a network of road, rail, and maritime options to ensure that shipments arrive precisely on time, while incorporating decades of optimized bulk transportation experience to ensure that we provide clients with service of the utmost quality.

  • Cargo Management

    With our systematic inventory management and extensive shipping information, we provide our clients with a stable shipping solution for incoming and outgoing steel materials such as pipes, large forgings, and roll-pressed steel.

  • Warehousing

    By integrating custom warehousing and storage solutions into our logistics business, we aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive distribution solution that expedites the distribution process and reduces distribution costs.

  • Port Loading

    We provide our clients with unparalleled loading and unloading solutions for the stable and efficient management of incoming and outgoing bulk cargo and shipping containers at harbors.